Exploration and Operations

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Our process begins with the marine exploration and location of the timbers that have been submerged for over 120 years. We operate a fleet of our own exploration, dive and retrieval vessels. Once we have located the timbers, we scuba dive and assess the timbers on the lake bottom, and if viable, begin the permit process.

Side scan sonar image…

side scan sonar image

Once this process is completed, the timbers are recovered with our specialized vessels, and transported to our sawmill for processing.Big Logs


We own and operate a state of the art, fully automated sawmill at our lumberyard.  This investment ensures accurate cutting and the finest end products for our discriminating customers.


We grade and sort our timbers in our yard prior to the sawing process. Some timbers are destined for solid or engineered flooring, while other prize timbers are cut to heavier stock for furniture makes and other craftspeople.

After being air-dried for several months, we kiln dry in our own dehumidification kiln. We dry the lumber to between 6% and 8%.